Tuesday, June 01, 2010

1.5k NL Day Two

Not too much happened today. The structure got a bit out of control because a) it was a $1500 event and b) they started hand-for-hand too early and let the clock run the whole time. Anyways, I lost a pot in the third level of the day and then made a standard (but not for me) shove with pocket sevens and ran into jacks.

PiMaster finished 14th in the $1500 O8; SamENole finished deep last night in the $1k NL; Toph shockingly won his first table of the $5k shootout and plays #2 for the final table tomorrow; Ethan Foulkes aka Remmy is very deep in the $1500 NL as I write this.

It's an exciting time. A lot of money is changing hands.

I'll be playing donkaments for the next week, nothing more than $1500 buyin.


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