Saturday, January 08, 2011

PCA Main Event

Play got off to a smooth start before I lost a big pot with J9 against KK on a J9766 board. After that I bled chips like a wounded animal until getting it in with Td8d against 73 on a 763 two diamond flop. This pot would have gotten me back close to the starting stack at a pretty reasonable table but it was not to be and I was eliminated before the dinner break.


Blogger Tilt said...

Sad to hear that, but I hope you'll have fun at the beaches. If you have time, could you read this post of mine and maybe in the future do a post on Simmons/Millman if you do read their stuff on ESPN and what you think makes a good qb and such. I do find the question interesting, but I just think Dilfer and Simmons took it to another level by claiming certain individuals were just born to be "alpha" instead of continuing on how important luck is.

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