Monday, June 14, 2010

Event #26 2.5k NL 6-handed

Here were some hands:

1. Old guy limps UTG for 50, I make it 200 with QJ, old fish in BB calls, UTG calls. Flop J86 two hearts. Old fish bets 200, other old guy calls, I make it 850, old fish calls, other old guy folds. Turn J. Old fish checks, I bet 1000, old fish calls. River Q. Old fish checks, I bet 3000, old fish calls with KK.

2. I raise AdKh UTG, button calls, Paul Wasicka calls in BB. Flop QJ5 two diamonds. Paul bets 250, I make it 750, button folds, Paul calls. Turn K. Check/check. River 6. Paul checks, I bet 1300, Paul folds.

3. Guy raises to 275, I call with 44, Shannon Shorr makes it 1025 in the SB, first guy folds, I call. Flop AT5 two hearts he checks, I check. Turn 6h he checks I check. River J he checks I check he shows KK and wins.

4. Eurolag raises to 300 at 50-100 UTG. I ask for a count stack (about 5k total) and make it 800 with AdQs. He calls. Flop AKx two spades he checks I check. Turn Q he checks I bet 1100 he calls. River Ts he checks I check he has QdJd.

5. I raise AQ UTG, Shannon calls. Flop AK7 rainbow. I bet 400, he makes it 1200. I deliberate for a while and call. Turn 3c second club. I check, he bets 2500. I have 5700 total. I tank forever and fold.

6. I raise AJ in second position to 250, third position calls, Shannon makes it 1025 on the button. I have 5k behind. I think and fold.

7. Cutoff makes it 250, SB calls, I call in BB with Kd3d. Flop Qd3s2d SB checks I bet 400 cutoff calls SB folds. Turn Ks I bet 700 cutoff calls. River offsuit 6 I bet 2000 with 2000 behind cutoff thinks a long time and folds.

8. I raise Tc9c to 400, BB calls. BB is kid from hand #7. Flop is AJ5 rainbow. He checks, I bet 400, he calls. Turn 4s second spade he checks, I bet 1100, he calls. River offsuit 3 he checks, I think and shove for about 4200, he thinks for 30 seconds and calls. I muck and go home.


Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Wow that is some aggressive play by you. Is that your strategy in these things, to play this aggressively on Day 1? Some of your aggro plays surprise me a bit, as do a few of your folds (the AQ on the A-high board to Shannon maybe the most of all). Very interesting stuff for just a few lines description of each hand.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I normally really like that tripple there since he rarely has a good kicker with ace or two pair or a deuce. Only thing is you don't see many people make two big folds in a row.


11:27 AM  

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