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2010 NFL Preview Part Two: The 40 Most Intriguing Players

40. Donovan McNabb
39. Jason Campbell
The Redskins upgrade from Campbell's Corolla to McNabb's Cadillac, while the Raiders upgrade to the Corolla from a 3-speed Schwinn.

38. Vince Young
Somehow still undefined entering his fifth year. No one has had more ups and downs in such a short time.

37. Dez Bryant
36. Wes Welker
Two high-profile wideouts coming off injury. One checks in at 6'2", 217, one at 5'9", 185. One was drafted in the first round and had 17 catches in college last season. One was undrafted, had 123 catches last season, and finished second amongst NFL receivers in yardage.

35. Matt Hasselbeck
34. Matt Schaub
33. Matt Ryan
32. Matt Cassel
31. Matt Moore
30. Matt Stafford
Who will emerge from the muddle of Matts as a franchise quarterback? Which Matt, if any, will lead his team to the playoffs? Who will be on the trading block by the end of the season? Who will be put on the shelf for good?

29. Donte’ Stallworth
28. Anquan Boldin
The Ravens brought in these two wideouts to bring some more pop to a physical offense. The oft-injured Stallworth, fresh out of prison, has already broken a foot and will miss about six weeks. If Boldin broke his foot, he would probably laugh, tape it up, and step back on the field.

27. Trent Williams
Williams has two claims to fame: he was the fourth pick in the 2010 NFL draft, and he was responsible for the sack that destroyed Sam Bradford’s junior season at Oklahoma. Trent’s rookie season will be spent blocking for frail old men like Donovan McNabb and Clinton Portis.

26. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
25. Calais Campbel
l24. Beanie Wells
Arizona’s youth movement – and their only chance to offset the departures of Kurt Warner, Anquan Boldin, Antrel Rolle, and Karlos Dansby. If all three play to their potential, the Cards could be looking at another NFC West title – and a rather bright future.

23. LaRon Landry
Once on the fast track to perennial All-Pro, Landry’s game has fallen apart since the death of safetymate Sean Taylor. Landry moves to strong safety this season, where it is hoped his run-stopping and man coverage skills will be highlighted.

22. Jason Taylor
21. LaDainian Tomlinson
20. Santonio Holmes
19. Antonio Cromartie
Four veteran acquistions brought in to take the Jets to the Super Bowl. But LT and JT are olddddd, Holmes will miss the first four games of the season with a suspension, and Cromartie has never been consistent.

18. Vincent Jackson
Jackson, who had 1167 yards and nine touchdowns, may not play for the Chargers or anyone else this season. There could be as many as three losers and/or winners in this saga. Stay tuned.

17. John Abraham
16. Peria Jerry
15. Dunta Robinson
Abraham was an absolute monster in 2008, with 16.5 sacks and countless disruptions. His sack total fell to 5.5 in 2009, including zero against divisional opponents. Has the 32-year-old Abraham gone pile-driving over the hill? Or does he just need some more help from the Falcon defense? DT Jerry was a first-round selection in 2009, but missed most of his rookie season with a knee injury. Along with the emerging Jonathan Babineaux and Kroy Biermann and the still-young Jamaal Anderson, the Falcons have potential to put some decent heat on the passer with their front four. They’ll need it - their back end has been looser than Lendale White’s the last few seasons. Free agent Robinson, who sucked in 2009, was brought in to shore things up a bit.

14. Percy Harvin
13. Michael Crabtree
Two second-year high-ceilinged wideouts whose production may be out of their control: Harvin will put up numbers if he can avoid migraines and his rickety quarterback cooperates, while Crabtree’s success is contingent upon...

12. Alex Smith

It seems like Smith has been on this list for the last five years.

11. Ben Roethlisberger

The stage has been set for a fairytale comeback season for Big Ben - though most fairytales don't involve bar bathrooms and sexual assault allegations.

10. Glenn Dorsey
9. Tyson Jackson
8. Eric Berry

If the much-hyped Kansas City turnaround is to actually happen, the Chiefs will need major contributions from these three defenders – each top-5 picks selected in the last three drafts.

7. Chad Henne
6. Marc SanchezTwo young QBs with a little too high expectations. Neither one of these guys was above average in their first year as starters; expecting them to suddenly become elite is wishful thinking.

5. Brandyn Dombrowski
With neither left tackle Marcus McNeill nor the Chargers brass backing down, it’s looking more and more like San Diego is going to put Philip Rivers’ blindside in the hands of Dombrowski, a third-year undrafted free agent whose natural position is guard.

4. Albert Haynesworth

There is so much distaste for Fat Albert wafting around right now, people are forgetting the man is one of the most dominant defensive players in football – possibly even the best as long as...

3. Darrelle Revis
...keeps holding out. As Rex Ryan said on Hard Knocks, “24 is pretty f***ing good.” In fact, he might just be the best football player in the world.

2. Derek Anderson
The assumption here - confirmed by many notable NFL sources though not by Arizona head coach Ken Whisenhunt - is that Anderson beat out Matt Leinart for the Cardinals starting QB job vacated by the retired Kurt Warner. The District Attorney really shouldn’t be this high on the list. He’s not that intriguing from a talent sense. We know what he brings to the table. At this point, we know he can sling it, we know he can stand in and take a hit, we know he can make all the throws, and we know he’s one of the least accurate quarterbacks in the NFL. But we also know he put up some big numbers and some big wins for the Browns in ’07, and we know he’s taking the reins of an offense that was among the league’s most explosive the last two seasons.

1. Kevin Kolb
The fate of a franchise rests on his shoulders. The difference between Kolb and the other young franchise QBs is that the others are helming rebuilding stinkers, while Kolb’s Eagles have been in the thick of it for the last decade and are coming off a playoff season. Kolb’s success this season will determine that of his team, his coach, and countless fantasy squads. The basement and the sky are the limits.


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