Friday, August 29, 2008

Secretly One of the Best?

Sometimes, like during my current hot streak, I wonder if I am one of the best online cash players out there. I haven't moved up in limits in three years, but that is mostly because I am a wuss, play very few hours relative to my peers, and stacking people at 10-20 still seems like good money to me. It has occurred to me that if I logged the hours of some of the bigger names, I might make as much or more money than them. I think I am more patient, creative, and focused than almost anyone out there, but I can only do it in small doses. I find it hard to log more than twelve hours a week online playing shorthanded cash.


Anonymous ReMMy said...

That's the problem, if you log the # of hands they do, you can't play the way you do when you're so fired up. Hence the grind. It's just a different skill set.

Oh and stop being a wuss sissy boy!

2:38 PM  

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