Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Peak of the Online Poker Season

Gamblegambel and I were talking online today and he asked me what my biggest downswing in tournament play has been. I realized I really don't know, as I have only been a real "tournament" player - as opposed to cash or mix - for about a year now. I do know that I am on a downswing of some sort, having failed to post a significant result since the NAPT Venetian in February and having lost money during that time. Many tournaments I have played have followed a familiar pattern: subsist on an inconsequential stack until three quarters of the field is gone, then quietly expire. There have been a couple flirtations with big money, but nothing worth noting. This FTOPS, usually a source of revenue and inspiration, has been a rather dismal affair thus far.

None of this really matters a whole lot, as it has had little effect on my disposition or bankroll. Most importantly, the heavy action is just getting going. There are big FTOPS events the next three days, the SCOOP kicks off Monday, and of course the WSOP is now just a month away. If anyone has PokerStars $$ to trade for Full Tilt $$, let me know. I would like to play quite a few of the major SCOOP events, including the $10k.

Congrats to Shannon Shorr, who won the 6-max $300 rebuy FTOPS AKA "The Bankroll Breaker" for $213k late Wednesday night. Shannon has been a friend and foe (only at the tables) since the PartyPoker days. He plays the opposite of the "smallball" style I typically advocate, but there is no denying that it works for him.

Speaking of smallball, the current All In Magazine (with Annie Duke on the cover) has some sort of feature on me and smallball stemming from a Cash Plays interview I did with Jeremiah Smith a while back.


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