Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Denver Nuggets Playoff Drinking Game

1 drink
Carmelo made 20+ foot two point jumper
Carmelo fouled on a jump shot
Nene dunk
Birdman blocked shot
Arron Afflalo made 3-pointer from the wing

2 drinks
K-Mart brick from the key or elbow
K-mart technical or flagrant foul
Announcers mention K-mart popcorn in car April Fool's joke
Chauncey Billups 4th quarter 3-pointer
Chauncey Billups missed free throw
Ty Lawson outruns opponent on fast break

3 drinks
JR Smith passes up open shot
JR Smith hand gesture
Carmelo scores 30 points

5-second chug
Johan Petro made basket
Renaldo Balkman made basket
Anthony Carter blocked shot
Birdman flaps wings
Any Nugget not named Carmelo scores 30 points
Carmelo scores 40 points
JR Smith three consecutive made 3-pointers

Finish your drink
Any Nugget posts a triple-double
Carmelo scores 50 points
Any Nugget not named Carmelo scores 40 points
Ty Lawson dunk

One shot of liquor
Carmelo scores 60 points
Any Nugget not named Carmelo scores 50 points
3-pointer by Birdman, Nene, or Petro


Blogger 81Trucolors said...

1 Drink:
Nene blocked shot
Nene head shake

2 Drinks:
Kobe Karl sees the floor.
Birdman flaps arms

6:45 PM  

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