Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Seven Days of Goodness: Day Three

Today I went to Bonfils and donated blood. My blood is extra special AB+, making me a universal plasma donor, so I simultaneously donate platelets and plasma.

I started giving blood earlier this year. The second time I went in, they had a hard time pinning the vein down and basically stabbed the crap out of both my arms until they finally made a clean connection. After that I horribly dreaded returning, but Bonfils hounded me like Von Miller coming off the edge, and I reluctantly agreed to go back in.

It gets better every time. Today was the smoothest so far. Donating platelets is the ultimate activity for the lazy philanthropist. You basically lie there for two hours clutching a comforting bag of warm water, watching movies (I've been watching The Lord of the Rings movies at Bonfils and am now halfway through The Two Towers), drinking juice, eating goldfish and being pampered. It hurts at about a 2/10, more a vague unpleasantness than any real pain. After that you get to hang out in the cantina drinking and eating (ice cream sandwiches in the summer!) and feeling good about yourself. And today someone told me that when they tell you not to drink alcohol afterwards until you've eaten a full meal, that really means "one drink will get you hammered, try it out." I'm telling you guys, it's a dream scenario for the faux altruist.


Blogger Bag said...

I weakly cleaned up trash that had blown against the fence surrounding the soccer field of my house. Actually came away with a lot, and I bet there is more buried beneath the snow.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I'm digging these posts. Truman made me stop giving blood...we don't think I weigh enough. Knocks me out for a week.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a known fact that you should go get drunk immediately following blood donation.


8:38 PM  
Anonymous goodnightsun said...


Day 5: Releasing a spider into the wild instead of killing it
Day 6: Sperm Bank
Day 7: Open letter to Brandon Hantz explaining how surivivor works

9:28 AM  

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