Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Too Much Of A Good Thing

I am extremely fortunate. I don’t have to work hard if I don’t want to, at least not right now. I have never worked hard at things in which I wasn’t overflowing with passion, not in school and not since. I am aware that this lazy approach may come back to haunt me down the road, but I usually choose a path with less (though not least) resistance.

I have gone overboard with it recently. Two things I am passionate about, football and board games, have been too dominant. Football is awesome of course, the greatest sport there has ever been, the ultimate combination of strategy and athleticism. But it’s not my job, it probably can never be my job, and it doesn’t have enough redeeming value for how many hours it has been consuming. Less can be more with football – I can still enjoy the games, probably even more so, without watching every play of every game, followed by re-watching every play of every game on DirecTV’s Short Cuts every week.

The board games du jour are Agricola and Dominion. These games are about efficiency - ironically for me, about maximizing limited time and resources. The great thing about both games is that each individual game you play is different. Each iteration requires a different path for optimization. After a few trials of Dominion I thought I had it figured out, but I had only discovered the most basic strategy. After a couple eye-opening beatings at the hands of different opponents, I realized there is no one way to consistently win at the game. The best players adapt to each permutation and are constantly formulating original strategy.

I started thinking about poker. I have not been open-minded enough with my approach to tournament poker. At some point I became convinced that playing a small-ball, flat-calling, trapping style was both THE right way to play as well as my own preferred style.

But the best don’t just play one way, they are constantly adapting their game to the infinite permutations of poker. I remember this David Singer interview on one of the infinite permutations of PokerRoad Radio where he was talking about the heads up tournament he had just won. He referenced Bruce Lee talking about water.

I was way behind watching the 2010 WSOP, so I went on a binge the week before the November Nine reconvened. I thought this might have been the most entertaining WSOP ESPN has broadcast since the monumental Moneymaker 2003 lipstick camera premiere. ESPN expanded the coverage quite a bit this year, so you really got a feel for how the tournament played out in its latter stages, how chip leads were obtained and lost, how each of the November Nine navigated his way to the final.

The most striking thing about the coverage was the overall quality of play. In the past there have always been meltdowns, blowups, glaring mistakes, and other sorts of buffoonery. This year ESPN struggled to find anything of the sort. Jonathan Duhamel’s infamous suckout on Matt Affleck was the most controversial hand of the tournament; it was a questionably played hand but nothing horrific. Soi Nguyen was the chosen “rank amateur” they focused on, but he obviously knew what he was doing. He went with top pair against Theo Jorgensen’s nut flush draw in a spot where most pros would probably “look for a better spot.” Those two hands, standard just a couple years ago, were the closest thing to mistakes I can remember watching over the last several episodes of coverage.

The last four tables of the main event were loaded with tough pros. Looking at the results it's staggering how many known players got so deep in this event.

As usual, I knew some of the players skilled and fortunate enough to contend for the title. I have played multiple times with many of these guys, as have most of the circuit regulars. Hasan Habib was one of the first “famous” pros I ever met: he stunned me at Foxwoods by offering a percentage swap after playing on my left for a few hours in a 2005 WPT. Ronnie Bardah was there from the beginning, though I struggle to recall any specific memories. Anyone who has logged some time in the higher stakes online MTTs has run across Bryn Kenny. Anyone who has logged some time playing the live MTTs has run across David Baker, Scott Clements, and John Racener. Adam Levy is one of the most popular players in tournament poker – he knows everyone. I played with him in his first big buy-in way back in December 2005 at the Bellagio, and he has been nice to me ever since.

Duy Le was one of my most common, maybe even the most common, opponent when I played $10-20 NL on Bodog in ’07 and ’08. Duy was always strong competition, and we wound up chatting some on AIM. He was the one I was rooting for as the tournament wound down and the pressure ratcheted up.

I started making a list of “The Twenty Players Most Likely To Win The Main Event” in 2007. 2010 was the first year I left Michael Mizrachi off the list, mostly because I played with him in a SCOOP 4-max tournament in which he was outplayed by the respected online player cdbr. Interestingly enough, ESPN showed some table chatter late in the Main Event where the Grinder was joking about his poor, distracted play online. I have written on this blog that the Grinder is the greatest player I have ever played against. His camouflage of hands is unmatched. You never have a clue what he has. Though the rest of the world has made up some ground, the Grinder proved this year that he is still one of the game’s top players.

The final table was the toughest in the history of the Main Event. Mizrachi was the big-name pro, but he seemed like just another player at that table. Eight pros and an amateur. There are so many pros now. The pros are so much better than they were even two years ago. Weaknesses, though they still exist, are so minute compared to what they used to be. Going in I predicted – based on chip position and their general ability to accumulate chips just a little more forcefully than some of their counterparts – that Joseph Cheong or John Dolan would emerge as the champion.

Momentum was with Cheong after Dolan paid him off on the river in one of those “I know he knows what I have” situations, and stayed with him until the largest pot in the history of the WSOP. I thought it was fitting that this great tournament came down to eight young pros, that its deciding hand was a six-bet bluff, that Racener came in second, that it was won by an aggressive 23-year old Canadian pro.

I have been playing very little poker, even for me, over the last few months. Football has been more compelling. But I did play a few of the FTOPS, as well as a couple heads-up tournaments. I feel great about my game, even if the universe has become harder to navigate. These board games have widened my eyes. I am closer to a liquid state.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Week Twelve NFL Feast

Power Rankings

32. Carolina (32)
31. Arizona (31)
30. Denver (29)
29. Buffalo (30)

28. San Francisco (25)
27. St. Louis (28)
26. Seattle (27)
25. Cincinnati (20)
24. Detroit (24)
23. Minnesota (19)

22. Dallas (26)
21. Washington (21)
20. Oakland (17)

19. Houston (18)
18. Jacksonville (22)
17. Tampa Bay (23)
16. Tennessee (11)
15. Miami (13)
14. Cleveland (15)

13. Chicago (16)

12. Kansas City (13)
11. New York Giants (2)
10. San Diego (12)

9. New York Jets (7)
8. New Orleans (10)

7. Atlanta (8)
6. Pittsburgh (6)
5. New England (5)
4. Baltimore (4)

3. Green Bay (9)

2. Indianapolis (2)

1. Philadelphia (1)

Quarterback Rankings

34. Derek Anderson
33. Matt Moore

32. Alex Smith
31. Shaun Hill
30. Matthew Stafford

29. Kerry Collins
28. Ryan Fitzpatrick
27. Brett Favre
26. Jason Campbell

25. Colt McCoy
24. Matt Cassel
23. Chad Henne
22. Sam Bradford
21. Josh Freeman
20. Mark Sanchez

19. Matt Schaub
18. Carson Palmer
17. Vince Young
16. David Garrard

15. Kyle Orton
14. Jay Cutler
13. Joe Flacco
12. Donovan McNabb
11. Matt Hasselbeck
10. Matt Ryan

9. Eli Manning

8. Ben Roethlisberger
7. Tony Romo
6. Michael Vick
5. Aaron Rodgers

4. Tom Brady
3. Drew Brees
2. Philip Rivers
1. Peyton Manning

Head Coach Rankings

31. Mike Singletary
30. Tom Cable
29. Todd Haley
28. Norv Turner
27. Marvin Lewis
26. Jack Del Rio
25. Ken Whisenhunt
24. Lovie Smith
23. Raheem Morris
22. Eric Mangini
21. Pete Carroll
20. Jason Garrett
19. Josh McDaniels
18. Chan Gailey
17. Jim Caldwell
16. John Fox
15. Mike McCarthy
14. Mike Shanahan
13. Mike Tomlin
12. Gary Kubiak
11. Andy Reid
10. Jim Schwartz
9. Tom Coughlin
8. Rex Ryan
7. Jeff Fisher
6. Steve Spagnuolo
5. Mike "Old Whitey" Smith
4. Tony Sparano
3. John Harbaugh
2. Sean Payton
1. Bill Belichick

Week Twelve Picks

Also like:

COLTS -3 over Chargers
Chiefs -1 over SEAHAWKS

If forced to choose:

Eagles -3.5 over BEARS
Jaguars +7 over GIANTS
LIONS +6.5 over Patriots
Dolphins +3 over RAIDERS
Rams +4 over BRONCOS
BILLS +6 over Steelers
TEXANS -6.5 over Titans
RAVENS -7.5 over Bucs
Niners -1 over CARDINALS
Saints -3.5 over COWBOYS
REDSKINS -1.5 over Vikings
Packers +1.5 over FALCONS
Panthers +10 over BROWNS
Bengals +9 over JETS

Lock season record: 1-0
Really like season record: 2-1
Also like season record: 25-17-1
If forced to choose season record: 56-53-2
All games season record: 84-71-3

Monday, November 22, 2010

My 100 Favorite Songs: #8

Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way

Normally I think musical taste is a matter of opinion, not fact - but this is unquestionably the greatest disco song ever, and that cannot be argued.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week Eleven Power Rankings & Picks

Power Rankings

32. Carolina (32)
31. Arizona (31)
30. Buffalo (29)
29. Denver (28)
28. St. Louis (25)
27. Seattle (26)

26. Dallas (30)

25. San Francisco (27)

24. Detroit (20)

23. Tampa Bay (24)
22. Jacksonville (23)
21. Washington (21)
20. Cincinnati (22)
19. Minnesota (15)

18. Houston (17)

17. Oakland (18)

16. Chicago (19)

15. Cleveland (16)

14. Kansas City (12)
13. Miami (13)

12. San Diego (14)

11. Tennessee (8)

10. New Orleans (10)
9. Green Bay (11)
8. Atlanta (9)

7. New York Jets (7)
6. Pittsburgh (2)

5. New England (5)

4. Baltimore (4)
3. Indianapolis (3)
2. New York Giants (1)
1. Philadelphia (6)

Week Eleven Picks

Also like:

DOLPHINS -2 over Bears
Falcons -3 over RAMS
CHIEFS -8 over Cardinals
Ravens -10 over PANTHERS
NINERS -3.5 over Bucs

If forced to choose:

VIKINGS +3 over Packers
BENGALS -5.5 over Bills
CHARGERS -10 over Broncos
Lions +6.5 over COWBOYS
Texans +7 over JETS
SAINTS -12 over Seahawks
JAGUARS -1.5 over Browns
Colts +3.5 over PATRIOTS
Raiders +7.5 over STEELERS
EAGLES -3.5 over Giants
Redskins +7 over TITANS

Lock season record: 1-0
Really like season record: 2-1
Also like season record: 22-15-1
If forced to choose season record: 49-49-2
All games season record: 74-65-4

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My 100 Favorite Songs: #9

AC/DC - It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)

The first song on AC/DC's first album, It's A Long Way To The Top is pure relentlessness.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week Ten Power Rankings & Picks

Power Rankings

32. Carolina (31)
31. Arizona (32)
30. Dallas (25)
29. Buffalo (30)
28. Denver (29)

27. San Francisco (28)

26. Seattle (23)
25. St. Louis (27)

24. Tampa Bay (26)
23. Jacksonville (24)
22. Cincinnati (19)
21. Washington (18)

20. Detroit (21)

19. Chicago (17)

18. Oakland (20)

17. Houston (16)
16. Cleveland (22)

15. Minnesota (15)
14. San Diego (14)
13. Miami (11)
12. Kansas City (13)

11. Green Bay (11)
10. New Orleans (10)
9. Atlanta (9)

8. Tennessee (8)

7. New York Jets (6)

6. Philadelphia (7)

5. New England (5)

4. Baltimore (3)
3. Indianapolis (2)
2. Pittsburgh (1)

1. New York Giants (4)

Week Ten Picks

Also like:

Chiefs -1 over BRONCOS
Rams +6 over NINERS
Eagles -3 over REDSKINS

If forced to choose:

Seahawks +3.5 over CARDINALS
BUCS -7 over Panthers
Jets -3 over BROWNS
COLTS -7 over Bengals
JAGUARS -1 over Texans
Titans -1 over DOLPHINS
FALCONS -1 over Ravens $
Cowboys +13.5 over GIANTS
Vikings -1 over BEARS
Lions +2.5 over BILLS
Patriots +4.5 over STEELERS

Lock season record: 1-0
Really like season record: 2-1
Also like season record: 20-14-1
If forced to choose season record: 41-46-2
All games season record: 64-61-4

Thursday, November 11, 2010

You're Getting Older...

I often do chores such as laundry, cooking, washing dishes, etc downstairs where the TV is. I like to put on a recorded TV program I can listen to while doing this stuff. In the past it was usually Jim Rome is Burning. A few months ago I switched it to news. I have been going with CBS Evening News With Katie Couric but feel like there might be a better option available. My aunt recommended PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, which I'm sure is excellent, but is also a full hour long. It has to be a half hour for me. I also prefer more of a world view. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My Trip to Ireland & The UK

I wrote up my September/October trip to Ireland, London, & Scotland on everlater. I put some time into this and everlater is a cool site, so check it out.


Monday, November 08, 2010

My 100 Favorite Songs: #10

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Salvation

I've gone to the well for this more than I'd wish. Salvation is medicine for dark times.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Week Eight Observations

1. Football Outsiders have the Kansas City Chiefs as the #1 team in the NFL through eight weeks. This is obviously pretty surprising, but the truly stunning part of their analysis is ranking KC fifth in passing efficiency this season. As a Dwayne Bowe fantasy owner, this lofty ranking seems almost impossible. But FO's measures are based purely on efficiency. The Chiefs rank 31st in passing attempts while Matt Cassel has only thrown three interceptions and been sacked just eight times.

2. Todd Haley continues to go for it in 4th down situations that make Bill Belichick look like a Tea Party member. The latest was a 4th and 3 from the 20 in a 0-0 game at home against the winless Buffalo Bills.

3. Jamaal Charles averaged 5.3 yards per carry as a rookie, 5.9 last year, and is at 6.5 this season. This isn't variance, or "running above expectation", so to speak.

4. It’s nice to see Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers getting some publicity. The guy has been making plays since he entered the league in ’08. He’s got a good shot at making his first Pro Bowl this season.

5. Bad run/pass playcalling and terrible punting and coverage contributed to Buffalo's loss to the Chiefs. The Bills played to win, not to tie, deciding not to call a run down the stretch which would have made it impossible for Kansas City to win outright.

6. In the rapidly-shifting world of kickoff returns, Brandon Banks of Washington has emerged as the best in the league. He possesses the two key qualities any good kick returner must have – speed and fearlessness. Banks is also a very dangerous punt returner.

7. I’m not saying it made sense to bench Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman, but McNabb did not look close to decent for much of the Detroit game against the Lions.

8. Washington’s offensive line is awful. This is a team that has been surviving on defense and luck.

9. Kevin Smith has always been able to grind out four-yard gains without much space. He is better than Jahvid Best at making lemonade from lemons, though he lacks Best’s explosivity.

10. The Rams are grinding out wins like Knish from Rounders grinds it out at the poker tables. No Fancy Play Syndrome for these guys. Sam Bradford: 25/32, 191 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT vs Carolina.

11. It was Halloween, so Matt Moore dusted off his Jake Delhomme costume and threw a few picks.

12. I think Brian Schottenheimer is one of the best offensive coordinators in the league (my OC of the year last season), but he has games he can't figure out. It happened last year and it has already happened twice for the Jets this season. Having said that, this shutout had more to do with the players on the Jets and Packers than the man calling the plays. You get the feeling New York's season is going to end with a single-digit scoring effort on a cold winter day in Pittsburgh, Foxborough, Baltimore, or Kansas City.

13. Last week the Browns pulled off an incredible fake punt on 4th and 8 in New Orleans. This week the Jets unbelievably tried a fake on 4th and 18 from their own 19 and came up just short. This was the craziest call of the season thus far.

14. The Packers seem to be missing Jermichael Finley more than the Colts are missing Dallas Clark.

15. The injuries to Finley and Donald Driver are drawing attention to the incompetence of James Jones and Jordy Nelson.

16. Troy Smith posted solid numbers in his first start for San Francisco and led the Niners to a win, but he failed the “smell test."

17. I think I’ve finally got the Dallas Cowboys figured out, though I can’t explain the reasons behind their tendencies. The first, and most inexplicable, reason the Cowboys can’t win games is they can’t play defense. They have plenty of good players, but they are not playing well at all. The D hit bottom against a mediocre Jacksonville offense, making David Garrard and Mike Sims-Walker look like Steve Young and Jerry Rice. The Cowboys aren’t generating much of a pass rush, they aren’t stopping the run, and their secondary isn’t covering anyone. The play of the defensive backs recalls the incredibly bad secondaries of the ’08 Broncos and Lions, who had two of the worst defenses in the history of the NFL. None of this makes much sense, because most of these players have been part of solid units the last few years. Less than one year ago the Cowboys walked into the Superdome and pummeled an undefeated Saints team, led by the same defense that would now have trouble stopping some of the better college teams.

18. Sometimes when things aren’t going my way, I vow to “make my own luck.” The Dolphins made some costly mistakes and had a couple key plays go against them vs. Cincinnati, but they made their own luck and beat the Bengals to improve to 4-0 on the road. It helps to employ the services of Dan Carpenter, booter of ten field goals the last two weeks. Carpenter is now the most accurate kicker in NFL history, albeit with a sample size of 73 kicks.

19. The play of Darren Sproles has been in decline since he signed a big contract two seasons ago.

20. Meanwhile, the promising career of Ryan Mathews is off to a rough start. His first problem is that he runs behind a line that can’t run-block. His second is that he got banged up early, missed some time, and now finds himself in a platoon with Sproles and Mike Tolbert. His third is a common issue you see with a lot of young running backs. He fumbled a few times early on, and has since adapted his natural running style to be more conservative. He doesn’t run as aggressively as he did when he hit the pros, though he is still pretty tough to bring down.

21. San Diego finally caught a few breaks:

  • Tennessee’s Kenny Britt went down early with a hamstring and did not return
  • Vince Young went down late with a recurring ankle
  • The Titans came in with a questionable game plan and only gave Chris Johnson fifteen carries
  • The Titans dropped six passes on the day, including a game-sealing drop by Johnson on fourth and two in the red zone down eight with a minute left

22. The Chargers once again suffered from some special teams breakdowns, including a blocked punt for safety and blown extra point, but their offense and defense continue to play well. You can’t afford to bet against the second best quarterback in the league.

23. It really is incredible how poorly Seattle plays away from home, how consistently this happens, and how thoroughly this affliction infects the whole team. Whether it’s the offensive line, defensive line, secondary, quarterback, wide receivers, or kicker, anyone in a white Seattle jersey uncannily becomes bad at football upon departure from the Emerald City.

24. But when a team has to come to their house, as the New York Giants do this Sunday in a classic Trap Game, it’s a different story.

25. Jason Campbell is playing well and making good distribution decisions.

26. Darrius Heyward-Bey: 5 catches, 105 yards, 1 TD on Sunday. Seriously.

27. As well as the Raiders have played the last two weeks, they have also been catching the breaks. I think the Chiefs will find a way to win Sunday’s showdown in Oaktown.

28. LeGarrette Blount isn’t the quickest cat, but he is running with amazing ferocity. You see this a lot – young backs taken from the back end of the draft (or like Blount, Arian Foster, and Benjarvus Green-Ellis, not drafted at all) who run like there’s no tomorrow. It never lasts more than a few years (see Barber, Marion and Jacobs, Brandon) but it’s fun while it lasts.

29. Last week I described how “the best team in the NFC” turned a 1st and goal at the 6 into a 3rd and goal at the 34. This week they pulled off this hideous sequence with the game on the line in Arizona:

1st & 10 at the 22, Bucs ball after intercepting a tipped pass. Bucs up 38-35, 5:01 left. Arizona has all three timeouts, Bucs have none (red flag #1). With both safeties visibly cheating up into the box, Josh Freeman hands off to Blount. The big man is pulled down by run-blitzing linebacker Gerald Hayes for a loss of 2.

2nd & 10 at the 24: Blount runs for two yards.

3rd & 10 at the 22 (now 3:34 left): Swashbuckling Buccaneer captain Freeman takes a 14-yard sack.

Cardinals call timeout (a mistake in my book as they should save the timeouts to give themselves a chance to make a second comeback drive should the first one quickly fail).

4th and 25 at the 36: This is a tough decision whether to punt or try to double the lead to six with a field goal. If you miss, the Cards will have excellent field position. This really comes down to how much confidence you have in your kicker to make a 53-yard field goal. Bucs opt to send Connor Barth out for the attempt. Kick is blocked. Cardinals take over at the 43 yard line. Obviously Derek Anderson throws a red zone interception, Blount changes field position with this spectacular run, a desperate last-minute Arizona drive runs out of time, and “the best team in the NFC” improves to 5-2.

30. Even more so than the Randy Moss fiasco, the drafting and misusage of Toby Gerhart illuminates the lack of vision from Minnesota’s higher-ups. Gerhart looks lost.

31. Minnesota’s lack of a pass rush (no sacks in three straight games) and generally disappointing defensive line play is inexplicable. Jared Allen is AWOL.

32. But by far the biggest culprit for Minnesota’s 2-5 record is strength of schedule. The Vikings play arguably the worst team in the league, Arizona, this Sunday in Minneapolis.

33. The 6-1 New England Patriots will appear atop a lot of power rankings this week. The Pats are certainly well-coached and lack discernable weaknesses, but also lack explosive players. They are grinding out wins rather than blowing teams out of the building, Raider-style. New England’s remaining schedule (@Cleveland, @Pittsburgh, Indy, @Detroit, New York Jets, @Chicago, Green Bay, @Buffalo, Miami) will test them in every way that a team can be tested.

34. Drew Brees finished the game 34/44 for 288 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. But they didn’t come easy. This was a sharp, focused, grinder’s effort from one of the best in the game at home in a game the Saints wanted and needed more than their opponents. Pittsburgh has the league’s best defense and the league’s best team.

Power Rankings

32. Arizona (32)
31. Carolina (31)

30. Buffalo (30)
29. Denver (28)
28. San Francisco (29)

27. St. Louis (23)
26. Tampa Bay (26)
25. Dallas (20)
24. Jacksonville (27)

23. Seattle (21)
22. Cleveland (24)

21. Detroit (22)
20. Oakland (25)

19. Cincinnati (18)

18. Washington (18)

17. Chicago (19)

16. Houston (16)
15. Minnesota (14)
14. San Diego (15)
13. Kansas City (13)
12. Green Bay (12)
11. Miami (11)

10. New Orleans (10)
9. Atlanta (9)
8. Tennessee (8)
7. Philadelphia (10)
6. New York Jets (4)
5. New England (6)
4. New York Giants (3)
3. Baltimore (2)
2. Indianapolis (5)
1. Pittsburgh (1)

Week Nine Picks

Also like:

TEXANS +3 over Chargers
Jets -4 over LIONS
SEAHAWKS +whatever it ends up at over Giants
Chiefs +2.5 over RAIDERS

If forced to choose:

VIKINGS -9.5 over Cardinals
Colts +3 over EAGLES
FALCONS -9 over Bucs
BILLS +3 over Bears
BENGALS +4.5 over Steelers
BROWNS +4 over Patriots
Cowboys +7.5 over PACKERS
Saints -6.5 over PANTHERS
Dolphins +5 over RAVENS

Lock season record: 1-0
Really like season record: 2-1
Also like season record: 20-10-2
If forced to choose season record: 38-41-1
All games season record: 61-52-3

My 100 Favorite Songs: Addendum

Brendan Benson - Alternative To Love

A dynamic, mercurial masterpiece about the most dynamic, mercurial thing in the human experience: dating. This is as good a song as there has ever been about being single, a modern "Black Coffee in Bed."

I have no clue what show these clips are from or which one is Jack and which one is Sam.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

October Top 15

15. A.R. Rahman, Wendy Parr & Blaaze - Dreams On Fire
14. Metric - Gimme Sympathy
13. Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism
12. Ray LaMontagne - New York City's Killing Me
11. The Rolling Stones - Midnight Rambler

10. K.T. Tunstall - Under the Weather
9. John Mayer feat. Taylor Swift - Half of My Heart
8. Bruce Springsteen - Human Touch
7. Big Country - In A Big Country
6. Owl City - Vanilla Twilight

5. Shawn Mullins - Anchored In You
4. Spoon - My Mathematical Mind
3. Kelley McRae - Never Be
2. Jets to Brazil - Sweet Avenue

Song of the Month: The Rolling Stones - Let it Bleed