Friday, March 31, 2006

March Top 15

15. Shivaree - Goodnight Moon
14. Oasis - Sunday Morning Call
13. Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean - Hips Don't Lie
12. Linda Ronstadt - It's So Easy
11. White Stripes - Jolene

10. Madonna - Beautiful Stranger
9. Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London
8. George Thorgood - Move it on Over
7. Wolf Parade - I'll Believe in Anything
6. Smoking Popes - Pretty Pathetic

5. Death Cab For Cutie - Brothers on a Hotel Bed
4. Rufus Wainwright - The Maker Makes
3. Bob Seger - Roll Me Away
2. John Hiatt - Have a Little Faith in Me

Song of the Month: Willie Nelson - He Was a Friend of Mine


WHOTW: see "The Dumbest Mistake of My Career"

Super Monday: +365
WSOP Sat: -215
Wednesday night: -2711
Thursday afternoon: +1963
Thursday night: +1461

YTD: 43,876

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Dumbest Mistake of My Career

I had no hands today at all. When I called a raise with a small pair or suited connector, I never even flopped a draw. I won three pots - two on bluffs, and one on a brave calldown with middle pair. I had about 8500 when the following hand came up:

With blinds at 100-200 wiith a 25 ante Pat Poels limped in early position. I called with KsJd in the cutoff, the button called, and the big blind checked. The flop came Kd6s5s and it was checked to me. I checked so the super aggressive button would take a stab at it. He didn't disappoint and bet 600. It was quickly folded to me and I decided to raise. I thought about the calldown feigning a hand like 77 or 67 but ultimately decided to raise to find out where I stood and to price out draws. I decided to make it 2000 to go and flung in two chips. I accidentally tossed in an orange (5000) and yellow (1000) chip instead of two yellow chips. Everyone at the table was a little shocked and I knew I had just put my head on the chopping block. Chances are he would fold almost any hand to that, but of course he had a set of fives and put me in for my last 2000. I was fairly sure he had a set but called (65 or a openended straight flush draw are possible here). I didn't get my spade redraw on the turn and was sent home in pathetic fashion.

There's a chance I would not have folded had he come back over the top (he was very aggressive and psychological, and I thought he'd put me on a move with that checkraise after everyone folded to me). So it's possible we'd be talking about a bad decision right now instead of a truly embarrassing fiasco.

The Fish had 17k when I left and the Gambler had around 10k. I go home on Wednesday.


750k Guaranteed: -378
Today: -5100

Year to date: 43,013

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Futures Bets Update

On February 6th I wrote

"This year features the most putrid, untalented, pathetic collection of college basketball teams to ever compete for a title. Everyone sucks...

"I believe this repugnance is going to lead to a wild NCAA tournament. 10 seeds are going to be closer to 2 seeds in talent than ever before. 3 seeds will be so weak that 14 seeds will give them games. There will be little difference between 5 seeds and 12 seeds. The winners of the 8/9 games will have a legitimate shot at beating the 1 seed in their next game. Double-digit seeds could make the Final Four. It's going to be a crapshoot, and the teams that go far are going to be the teams that get hot at the right time.

"With this hypothesis in mind, I made sixteen long-odds futures bets on teams to win the NCAA championship. I wouldn't call these teams "dangerous" or "underrated"; rather, they are the few teams out there I believe are not overrated."


UCLA 40-1

LSU 50-1

Florida 18-1

I might hedge it now with a bet on George Mason. Show me the money.

I can confidently say this is the weakest Final Four of my lifetime, and probably the worst college basketball season as well.


For whatever reason, I woke up this morning feeling relaxed, healthy, and confident. I haven't felt this way in a while. The main event is tomorrow. I won't guarantee anything but I'd be shocked if I didn't make a deep run.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The $1000 NL

Dreadful table. Horrendous players. KK vs AA all in pre, AAx flop.

Probably will not play live again until the main event on Monday. Can't wait for that.


Yesterday: -550
Today: -1060

Year to date: 48491

The $500 NL

It was a long day of poker - I had plenty of big hands, especially early, and they usually held up for big pots. My steals went pretty poorly and every time I won a big pot I would quickly siphon off a quarter of my stack. I went out with 99 vs AA with 34 left paying 27. Sickeningly the Gambler went out 35th and the Fish 31st.

The tension in the air is rising. You can feel it in the casino - it's so much more exciting than a week ago. Tomorrow is the 1k NL.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

God Still Loves Me

Recently many things have soured in my life. During the last twenty four hours, my (a bit quasi) girlfriend and I broke up. I was most certainly the villain. I wrote about my poker disenchantment in yesterday's blog. In addition, another issue has really been troubling me. I can't talk about it at all.

I got 4th place today in the $300 Omaha Hi-Lo.

I have no idea how to play the game. It might as well have been a bridge tournament. 90% of the field had a gargantuan advantage on me. It was all learning on the fly under the stern but brilliant tutelage of Mike Odeh. Without his help I certainly wouldn't have monied.

How bad am I at Omaha Hi-lo? I got in a raised pot out of position with KJ97 against Miami John Cernuto's AA24. And he's the best O8 tournament player in the world. I sucked out and then I missed a bet. With 9 left at the final table I thought I was out of the tournament and almost mucked my hand on the river. I had a low which I didn't even realize and won half the pot. My guess is if an experienced O8 player critiqued every decision I had today, he would find approximately fifty mistakes.

Making the final table today confirms that anything can happen in poker tournaments, especially when they have fast structures, and luck is far more important than skill in the short term. I'd like to think that if I ever get this lucky in a NLHE tournament, I will easily win it. It's hard to say. A good player in my shoes today might have won the tournament. But maybe he doesn't win some of the pots I won through donkishness, and maybe he loses pots with hands I should have played.

My NLHE tournament game got a lot better today. Learning from Mike Odeh is a pride swallowing, brain-beating, unpleasant experience. But I think he can elevate my game to a higher place.

Tomorrow is the $500 NLHE and the four of us (Wolf, Fish, and the Gambler) will all be playing.


Today: +2100

Year to date: 50,101

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Moment in the Sun

It's been a while since I've had a deep run in a tournament. Memories of final tables keep me playing them, despite their weak EV (especially one-tabling or playing a low buy-in live tournament). The excitement of making a final table in a major tournament cannot be matched in cash game play, no matter what the stakes. The drama is just so much higher when your "life" is on the line.

Recently I've had a frustrating run in tournaments. The critical pots have gone the other way at the wrong times. It's been especially frustrating because I'm typically going broke fairly deep into the event, but before the money. I'd rather just bust in level one.

One tournament can erase all memories of this mediocrity, and that's why I keep playing. I'll take 2-4 more shots this week, and then the 5k WPT event on Monday.


Super Monday: -162
WSOP Sats (Mon & Tues): -430
$3o0 limit (Tues): -330
Super Tuesday: -162

Year to date: 48,002

Monday, March 20, 2006

The $300 NL

I played my good, solid, supertight early game and slowly accumulated chips. I flopped a set vs AA for a near double and then ground it out without getting much for a couple hours. Then I got in with 9c8h against 2c2d on a 7d6s2sTc board for a monster pot and the river was a T. Pickett accumulated quite a few chips before losing a monster race to bust with AK vs QQ. The Gambler and the Fish did not last too long.

It was fun to play real poker again - it's been two months. Everything feels more comfortable and more exciting live than online. But it's hard for me to play live - I can't stand waiting for hands. I do play patiently in tournaments but I don't think I can play my best cash game live unless the stakes are high enough to get me motivated to avoid the siphon.

I'm starting to wonder a bit about my commitment to the game. Once I got back over the hump in February I kind of lost my motivation to play. It's not like I'm running bad or hating the game or anything but I just never feel that need to play. I'd rather go bowling or watch a movie. There's a very good post about this called "Boredom" at I still fiend to play the big live tournaments, but I question my ability to consistently grind in the cash games and lower buy-in tournaments. I'm not really sure where this leaves me as far as the future is concerned. Luckily I've managed to make enough money that I can play sparingly and do some other stuff with my time, and at the moment that looks like what I'll be doing from April until the WSOP. Right now it's hard to even call me a "professional poker player."


Yesterday afternoon (tournaments): -736
Last night (live 3-5 NL): -335
Today (tournament): -330

Year to date: 49,086

Sunday, March 19, 2006

No Messing Around

So Gamblegambel gets off the flight, immediately bowls a 670 series, gets up the next morning, runs a short stack all the way to the final two in the $500 NL, and makes a great deal against the chip leader for 28k.

Inspiring stuff - I can't wait to get back in there. It's been too long.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


A few notable trends from the first round of the NCAAs:

  • Teams that make surprise runs to win their conference tournaments seem to hit the wall when the real tournament arrives. Iowa, Kansas, Syracuse, Wilmington, and Southern Illinois were all quickly dispatched while other teams from their conferences continue to dance. This seems to happen every year, and I plan to make a lot of money betting against these teams in the future.
  • The two shocking at-large selections made by the committee, Air Force and Utah State, both fizzled and didn't appear able to compete against the major conference teams they matched up against.
  • The jury is still out on the Missouri Valley Conference, with two impressive wins and two uninspiring losses. George Mason's win validates them as a solid selection, but calls Hofstra's absence into question.
  • It's hard to judge tournament performances based on what conference a team is from. Cal and Arizona clearly had comparable seasons in the Pac-10, but for some reason Arizona played their best game of the season in round one while Cal laid an egg. The same can be said comparing teams like Bradley and Southern Illinois, West Virginia and Seton Hall, Arkansas and Alabama, etc.
  • The biggest reason 1 seeds never lose to 16 seeds is that 1 seeds are the best teams in college basketball. When a 16 starts looking like they might be able to win - like Oral Roberts or Albany this year, or Fairleigh Dickinson last year, or Holy Cross four years ago, the 1 seed almost always goes on a monster run to put the game away. They're 1 seeds for a reason, and they have that extra gear for when they need it. Oral Roberts and Albany played well enough to beat a lot of teams, but not Memphis or UConn.


I bowled a 203 last night, a personal best. Gamblegambel was throwing nonstop 230+ games.

Friday, March 17, 2006


College basketball - lunch - college basketball - shuffleboard - dinner - college basketball - drinking games/hanging out in the hotel room - college basketball - laser tag - bowling.

I'm real happy with the Hilton so far.

Gamblegambel arrives tonight and we will also be receiving a surprise visit from the (in)famous Napoleon tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Official Bracket

Monday, March 13, 2006

Futures Bets Update

About forty days ago I selected sixteen darkhorses to win the NCAA Championship, all at long odds. Most of the teams' odds have gotten substantially better since then, and a few have become legitimate contenders. Here are the current odds of each to win the national championship, along with the original odds I purchased them at:

Southern Illinois: 500-1 (was 500-1)
Wichita State: 500-1 (was 500-1)
Temple: out (was 300-1)
Alabama: 200-1 (was 300-1)
Miami, FL: out (was 200-1)
North Carolina: 12-1 (was 75-1)
Michigan: out (was 75-1)
George Washington: 100-1 (was 70-1)
Iowa: 40-1 (was 70-1)
Tennessee: 40-1 (was 50-1)
Kansas: 20-1 (was 50-1)
LSU: 30-1 (was 50-1)
UCLA: 12-1 (was 40-1)
Ohio State: 18-1 (was 30-1)
Florida: 25-1 (was 18-1)
Texas: 14-1 (was 7-1)

I also just bought Indiana for 150-1.

Preliminary Thoughts on Picks

Questions I will be pondering as I try to sleep tonight:

1) Do I have the balls to pick 15)Winthrop over 2)Tennessee?
2) I will pick Duke to lose to someone...but will it be 8)GW, 4)LSU, 2)Texas, or the Oakland winner?
3) What in the world will I do with the Pitt/Kansas game?
4) Will I pick 6)Indiana to go to the Elite Eight or merely the Sweet Sixteen?
5) Is it wise or demented to pick 14)South Alabama to go to the Sweet Sixteen?
6) Who am I going to pick to win it all?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Selection Sunday Shock

A countdown of the most stunning seedings in the bracket (easily the most shocking bracket I can remember):

(5)Pittsburgh - actually not that surprising...they always receive a large wooden shaft on Selection Sunday...

(4)Illinois - it's very, very hard to say that Iowa, UCLA, Florida, and Tennessee are better teams

(14)Xavier - probably the best 14 seed in the history of the tournament

(14)South Alabama - probably the second best 14 seed in the history of the tournament

(15)Winthrop - probably the best 15 seed in the history of the tournament

(8)George Washington - I think I can say without looking it up this will be the first team to be ranked in the top 6 going into the final weekend to receive an 8 seed in the tournament

(2)Tennessee - lost 4 of their last 6 games, each loss against a team seeded 8 or lower

(12)Utah State - exactly one major prognosticator out of 24 had them in the field...the same prognosticator who had Indiana and Cal out of the field and had Wichita State as a 4 seed...

(12)Montana - essentially with this seeding, the committee announced Montana would have been considered as an at-large had they lost in their conference tournament, and also announced they believe Montana is a better team than Cincinnati...

(13)Air Force - the most stunning at-large selection of all-time. Again, only one prognosticator had them in...and we've already talked about him.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The All-Moon Teams

The Full Moon Team - my favorite players in college basketball


Kyle Lowry, Villanova
The scrappiest player in the nation on the scrappiest talented team. Six feet tall, but snags 4.6 rebounds a game. Also gets 4 assists and 2.4 steals a game and shoots 49%, 46% on 3 pointers without getting many gimmes.

Mike Gansey, West Virginia
I'd never heard of him till the famous "Mike Gansey has taken this game over!" moment in double OT against Wake last year in the NCAA tournament. This season he shot 56% from the field, a truly ridiculous number for a guy who probably can't dunk. Bonus points for being the player who most resembles me (appearance only) when he steps on the court.

Dee Brown, Illinois
With the exception of Adam Morrison, I don't think any other player is more important to his team.

Gerry McNamara, Syracuse
I think Jim Boeheim was right when he said this team doesn't even win ten [bleep]ing games without him.

Cedric Bozeman, UCLA
Sure would be nice for him to finish an up and down career with a Final Four trip.


Adam Morrison, Gonzaga
His per game averages: 36.5 minutes, 28.4 pts, 5.5 rebounds, 1.7 assists, 2.3 turnovers, 1.1 steals, .4 blocks, 2.0 personal fouls, 49.8% FGs (almost all of which are desperately contested by the defense), 77.5% FTs, 43.7% on 3ptrs, 63% of a moustache.

Jared Dudley, Boston College
Played 36.7 minutes a game this year, after averaging 35 minutes a game his first two years. He's averaged about 7 rebounds a game at BC even though he's only 6-7 and handles the ball a lot. Shot 47% this season despite constantly having to work to even get a shot off. Won back to back state titles in California before coming to BC and immediately starting every game as a freshman on an overachieving team.

Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina

I like him because

  • He averages 19 points and 7.6 rebounds per game
  • He is by far the best freshman player in the country
  • He led the team to a win over SUNY-Durham on Saturday
  • He may win me $750 in three weeks
  • He looks like he's been eating vats of human growth hormone

Chris Copeland, Colorado
A rare example of everything that is good and right in sports and college basketball in a program in which everything is bad and wrong. It seems his only goal since day one as a Buff was to make his team and himself play as well as possible and it's nice to see him leading a team to the postseason, even if it will likely be the NIT.

Rashad Anderson, Connecticut
The guy scores 13 points a game and he doesn't even start. The winner of the Chris Duhon Award for dudes who have seemingly been playing in college for the last seven years.

Coach: John Chaney, Temple
Now that Gene Keady is gone he is the best unintentional comedy remaining in college basketball.


The Bad Moon Team - my most hated players in college basketball


JJ Redick, SUNY-Durham
The most hated player in college basketball. Honestly I'm going to miss him. Hating him has been an integral part of the last four winters. Worst stat: 0 national championships.

Greg Paulus, SUNY-Durham
I love him cause he is going to ruin the Dookies' season. Worst stats: 3.4 turnovers a game, 37% shooting, 33% 3 pt shooting, 6.2 pts a game in 32 minutes a game as a 6-1 point guard.

JamesOnCurry, Oklahoma State
Looked like he was headed for superstardom last year, but fell apart this season. An extremely disappointing season. Worst stat: 7.8% worse field goal shooting than last year.

Gerry McNamara, Syracuse
No one has buried more daggers in my heart the last four years. No one's even close. Good riddance. Worst stats: 32.5% 3 pt shooting, 3.2 turnovers a game.


Lee Melchionni, SUNY-Durham
The captain of the team. My most hated player in all of basketball. Worst stats: 1.0 asts/game and 33.6% 3 pt shooting.

Glean Eddy, Colorado
There is little doubt in my mind the team would be better off without him. Worst stat: .7 assist/turnover ratio.

Andy Osborn, Colorado
Perhaps the worst defending forward in Big XII history. Worst stat: If "most facials received" was recorded it would certainly be that. I guess I'll have to go with 35.4% 3 point percentage for this "3 point specialist."

Nik Caner-Medley, Maryland
I had to have someone from Maryland on here. Worst stats: .92 assist/turnover ratio and 34.3% 3 pt shooting.

Brad Buckman, Texas
Go away Cletis. Worst stat: .77 ast/turnover ratio.

Ivan Radenovic, Arizona
So many awful stats to choose from. The worst: 11.4 pts, 1.8 assists, and .4 blocks per game (he's 6-10) in 30.6 minutes, 29.5% 3 pt shooting.

Eddie Sutton, Oklahoma State
While driving his Dodge Durango to the airport where he would meet his team before flying to a game at Texas A&M, Sutton (speeding and driving left of center) slammed into the back of an SUV at over 60 mph. He was later charged with a DUI after breathing a .22 blood alcohol level. A bottle of narcotic painkiller was found on the passenger seat.


My life on Party Poker is back to the good old days. I rarely play. When I do, I win easily and with seemingly little effort. I play mostly small pots and big pots when I want to. I don't take bad beats. If I do, it's for a small pot. I hit draws and they pay me off on the end. I have no data to back this up but I doubt if any 2k regular has made more money per hour in March than I have.


Recent tournaments: -592
Tuesday: +5210
Wednesday afternoon: +7727

Year to date: +50,487

So long, MATPAT

Monday, March 06, 2006

My S-Curve

Group One: Beasts


Group Two: Contenders

1. UConn

Group Three: Darkhorses

2. Ohio State
3. Villanova
4. SUNY-Durham
5. North Carolina
6. Tennessee
7. Illinois
8. Memphis
9. Texas
10. Kansas

Group Four: Capable of Going on a Run and Winning it All

12.Boston College

Group Five: Good bets to Make it to Week Two


Group Six: I Have No Idea Whatsoever
22.West Virginia
24.George Washington
25.Michigan State

Group Seven: Happy to Get In
32.Florida State
33.Seton Hall
38.George Mason

Group Eight: The Missouri Valley Conference

39.Southern Illinois
40.Wichita State
43.Northern Iowa
45.Texas A&M
46.Missouri State

Group Nine: Exceedingly Sketchy

48.San Diego St
49.North Carolina State
50.Air Force
51.Utah State
56.Western Kentucky

Friday, March 03, 2006


The following is an instant messenger conversation I had with a 2k regular the other night near the end of a session. His IM screenname has been changed but none of the conversation has been changed. A portion of the conversation in which I described what my college friends are doing now and he described a set over set hand against RazorEdge has been removed.

I think the conversation speaks for itself about a lot of the "issues" faced by the young, (overly?) successful poker pro today.


NYGiants89: my last 2 monhts have been hell
NYGiants89: i am still winning, but no where near my rate
NYGiants89: amd it is frustrating
ThomMarsFull: what is your year to date if you don't mind me asking
NYGiants89: close to 55K
NYGiants89: which is ugly
NYGiants89: but without rakback something more like 50K
NYGiants89: and trust me
NYGiants89: it has been extemely nasty
NYGiants89: i can easily put togerhere a 100K monht
NYGiants89: just need to do it soom
NYGiants89: february started on pace for 100K, then it tturned to shit
ThomMarsFull: why don't you cry about it
ThomMarsFull: you poor bastard
ThomMarsFull: "only 55k"
ThomMarsFull: we better start a collection fund
ThomMarsFull: wouldn't want you to win "only 500k" this year
ThomMarsFull: that would be completely unacceptable
NYGiants89: 50K throguh 2 monhts
NYGiants89: not 50K a month
ThomMarsFull: (tear)
NYGiants89: haha
NYGiants89: you are cathing up on a dialy basis my friend
NYGiants89: i see you are killling it lately
ThomMarsFull: whatever
ThomMarsFull: that's not important
NYGiants89: yes it is
NYGiants89: i think we are all very competitve people
NYGiants89: now you know you dont have to fold to me every time
NYGiants89: call when i have top set
ThomMarsFull: hehe
ThomMarsFull: I had KQ
NYGiants89: got ya
ThomMarsFull: woulda paired rive
NYGiants89: i actually made a mistake there
NYGiants89: i ddint realize how short the toher guy wsa
NYGiants89: i should have put him in
ThomMarsFull: yeah
ThomMarsFull: I was wondering what you were doing flatcalling
NYGiants89: being a moron
ThomMarsFull: prolly should have done so myself
ThomMarsFull: nice silly beat you just took
NYGiants89: ah whatever
NYGiants89: i am not made
NYGiants89: just table image
NYGiants89: i do htis shit
NYGiants89: they pay me off
NYGiants89: its acutally funny
NYGiants89: i dont get mad
NYGiants89: i am glad these guys call that
ThomMarsFull: hehe
NYGiants89: the funny part is taht hte respond like i am actually mad
NYGiants89: i have done this for way too long to get mad
NYGiants89: althouhg without the absurds beat i ahve jjust taken in the past 400 hands i would be up 3K
NYGiants89: instead i am even
ThomMarsFull: god man I feel so bad for you
ThomMarsFull: you must be the unluckiest guy alive
ThomMarsFull: to be up only 50k in 2 months!
ThomMarsFull: I mean jesus!
ThomMarsFull: what has this world come to?
ThomMarsFull: only fifty thousand bucks!
NYGiants89: let me clarify that
NYGiants89: i was making more than double before
NYGiants89: and recently it has gone to hell
NYGiants89: so that is my current mindset
NYGiants89: bad beat and my confidence is down
NYGiants89: does that clarify
ThomMarsFull: yes
ThomMarsFull: what I am saying
ThomMarsFull: is it is very silly
NYGiants89: it is all relative man
ThomMarsFull: to complain about making "only 50k"
ThomMarsFull: you should consider yourself lucky
ThomMarsFull: 5 years ago none of this would have been possible
ThomMarsFull: almost everyone in the world makes less than you
ThomMarsFull: and probably works harder
ThomMarsFull: so to bitch about it is pretty silly
NYGiants89: hey man
NYGiants89: i am aware of this as well
NYGiants89: however
NYGiants89: like i said everything is relative
NYGiants89: when you increase your expectations and fail to meet them tehre is disappointment
ThomMarsFull: well make it unrelative
ThomMarsFull: agreed, and I know what you are talking about
ThomMarsFull: explain this hand to me
ThomMarsFull: it is senseless
ThomMarsFull: Dealt to APotIsAPot [ 9h 7h ]
slothr0p folds.
pit540540 calls [$20].
APotIsAPot calls [$20].
asiabeauty calls [$20].
ThisStoneAge folds.
mortalfrog folds.
cash_cow22 folds.
w00t4d0nks folds.
Draped_Up checks.
** Dealing Flop ** [ Tc, 9d, 7d ]
Draped_Up checks.
pit540540 checks.
APotIsAPot bets [$78].
asiabeauty raises [$156].
Draped_Up folds.
pit540540 folds.
APotIsAPot calls [$78].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 5h ]
APotIsAPot checks.
asiabeauty bets [$150].
APotIsAPot calls [$150].
** Dealing River ** [ Qh ]
APotIsAPot checks.
asiabeauty bets [$325].
APotIsAPot calls [$325].
asiabeauty shows [ Jc, Th ] a pair of tens.
APotIsAPot shows [ 9h, 7h ] two pairs, nines and sevens.
APotIsAPot wins $1349 from the main pot with two pairs, nines and sevens.
ThomMarsFull: I [expletive] it up
ThomMarsFull: I should have bet into her on the turn
ThomMarsFull: I was thisclose to folding river
ThomMarsFull: really was 50/50
ThomMarsFull: I mean is she bluffing?
ThomMarsFull: I don't think she knows
ThomMarsFull: she is a weird player
NYGiants89: i ddint see that hand
NYGiants89: but yeah
NYGiants89: i think you should have bet turn
ThomMarsFull: ok
ThomMarsFull: there's a blog entry I wrote about this
ThomMarsFull: in January
ThomMarsFull: you may have read it
ThomMarsFull: if not you should
ThomMarsFull: it is frustrating to me too
NYGiants89: blog entry about what?
NYGiants89: that hand
NYGiants89: or how to play that hand
ThomMarsFull: this issue of being disappointed
ThomMarsFull: or pissed
ThomMarsFull: with "only winning" so much
NYGiants89: cool
NYGiants89: i will check it out
ThomMarsFull: anyways
ThomMarsFull: it does bother me
NYGiants89: good news i just stacked razor edge
ThomMarsFull: 1) to not make as much as I have maid in the past
ThomMarsFull: very good news
NYGiants89: so that is always gratifying
ThomMarsFull: send me the hand history
ThomMarsFull: god I love taking that [expletive] down
ThomMarsFull: 2) to not make as much as my peers
NYGiants89: i alreayd closed the table
NYGiants89: but i coudl tell you about the hand
ThomMarsFull: yes please do
NYGiants89: but you finish firy
ThomMarsFull: go ahead and type it
ThomMarsFull: while I articulate
NYGiants89: i cant really chalk it up to great play
NYGiants89: more so good spot
NYGiants89: hang on
NYGiants89: i got AA
ThomMarsFull: let me tell you about what my friends are doing…

…NYGiants89: so you got a very solid support system
ThomMarsFull: every one of those people I mentioned
NYGiants89: both parents have good jobs
ThomMarsFull: is as smart as me
ThomMarsFull: or maybe smarter
ThomMarsFull: every one
ThomMarsFull: made less $$ in 2005 than I did
NYGiants89: i just read an article written by one of the best poker players i know
ThomMarsFull: and I am on pace to make more than any of them in 2006
NYGiants89: he makes more $ than me
ThomMarsFull: and it has not been a strong year at all so far
ThomMarsFull: and
ThomMarsFull: I work probably about half as much as any of them on average
NYGiants89: he wrote and article about the imbalance in society that poker has caused
NYGiants89: basically citing what you are talking about
NYGiants89: alot of teenagers and eartly 20 kids makeing hunderds of thousands
NYGiants89: i love it
NYGiants89: i truly love it
NYGiants89: the way i see it, i was too young to capitialize on the stock market explosion of hte 90s
NYGiants89: too young to take advantage of the real estate boom
NYGiants89: but..........
NYGiants89: i am definitely taking advantage of the poker boom
ThomMarsFull: well there you go
ThomMarsFull: lucky you
ThomMarsFull: now quit bitching
NYGiants89: wheich imo wsa the biggest boom since a long itme
NYGiants89: hahhhahah
NYGiants89: you cleared my mind a liitle
NYGiants89: but like i said i do realize how fortunate i am
NYGiants89: but expectations and goals are set for reasons, and when you dont reach them you cannot be happy about thath
ThomMarsFull: yeah well
ThomMarsFull: agreed
ThomMarsFull: another blog entry you should read
ThomMarsFull: is my first of 2006
ThomMarsFull: talking about where I am going this year
ThomMarsFull: and how I am going to dominate
ThomMarsFull: and become huge
NYGiants89: hey trust me man
ThomMarsFull: that has been tossed on the back burner
NYGiants89: we got PLENTY of time
ThomMarsFull: yes
NYGiants89: it is only march
NYGiants89: i still plan on having a couple 100K monhts
ThomMarsFull: not me
NYGiants89: and you are very capable of that
ThomMarsFull: will never log the hours for that
ThomMarsFull: nah
NYGiants89: yes you are
NYGiants89: oh well
ThomMarsFull: but I am learning to deal with that
NYGiants89: that is the # 1 requiremtn
NYGiants89: VOLUNE
NYGiants89: VOLUME
ThomMarsFull: nope
ThomMarsFull: not me
NYGiants89: gotta play lots of hands
ThomMarsFull: too much other stuff to do
ThomMarsFull: nope
NYGiants89: that is cool
NYGiants89: no prob
NYGiants89: i am just saying
ThomMarsFull: not gonna play 50 hrs a week
ThomMarsFull: when it is 70 degrees outside
NYGiants89: you hear of all these people making tons of money
ThomMarsFull: when there are 8 great movies that I haven't seen
NYGiants89: its becasue they log crazy hours
ThomMarsFull: well good for them
ThomMarsFull: not gonna be me
NYGiants89: dude i completely understand that
ThomMarsFull: they can look back in 10 years
NYGiants89: all i am saying is that is how it is done
ThomMarsFull: proud of all the money they've made
NYGiants89: i agree with both sides
ThomMarsFull: I will look back and think about all the sunny days I played frisbee golf
NYGiants89: all i was saying was the requirements
NYGiants89: balanced life is key
NYGiants89: i lift weights 4-5 times a week
NYGiants89: so i do alot of other stuff
NYGiants89: i told you i got a full time job as a mechanical engineer right
ThomMarsFull: yes
NYGiants89: cool
NYGiants89: alright well gl
ThomMarsFull: you play PP at work?
NYGiants89: i am out for tongith
NYGiants89: hell no
NYGiants89: but i wish
ThomMarsFull: ok one more question
ThomMarsFull: you going to WSOP?
NYGiants89: i wouls get fired for that
NYGiants89: yeah most likely
ThomMarsFull: ok
NYGiants89: i will not play ME
ThomMarsFull: ??
NYGiants89: unless i win a seat
ThomMarsFull: this continues to confuse me
NYGiants89: but i will be there for the cash games
NYGiants89: haha
ThomMarsFull: know all these guys who make more than me
NYGiants89: dude the ME is like playing roulette
ThomMarsFull: but won't fork over 10k for a tourney
ThomMarsFull: I do it all the time
NYGiants89: yeah
ThomMarsFull: even forked over 15k for Bellagio in Dec
NYGiants89: and i hope you win that shit
NYGiants89: i really do hope you win it
ThomMarsFull: yeah well
ThomMarsFull: I'm gonna win one eventually
NYGiants89: all i am saying is that i feel like it is too big of a gamble
ThomMarsFull: it is 10k
NYGiants89: but i am gonna try and win a seat treally hard
ThomMarsFull: you just said you make 100k in a month
NYGiants89: so i will probably end up playing
ThomMarsFull: anyways
ThomMarsFull: reason why I ask
ThomMarsFull: myself, my friend Paul
ThomMarsFull: who used to be half of GnightMoon
ThomMarsFull: now plays on his own acct
NYGiants89: ok
ThomMarsFull: gamblegambel
ThomMarsFull: perhaps some others
ThomMarsFull: are getting a house
ThomMarsFull: for the duration of the WSOP
ThomMarsFull: tell me if you are interested
NYGiants89: nice
NYGiants89: yeah i would be
NYGiants89: but i will probably only be there for like 2 weeks
NYGiants89: not thew whole time
ThomMarsFull: ok
ThomMarsFull: you could rent
NYGiants89: true
NYGiants89: we will stay in contact about this too
NYGiants89: alright well im out
NYGiants89: ttyl
NYGiants89: gl
ThomMarsFull: goodnight
NYGiants89 signed off at 1:29:19 AM.


Last night: +456

Year to date: "only" 38,142

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Like a Lamb

March has come in as tranquil and relaxing as can be. It was almost seventy degrees two days ago and winter seems long gone. The wintry state of my cards and the tables has also turned to spring and it's been smooth sailing the last few days. For whatever reason the tables have gone soft and the toughest players have gone elsewhere. I'm not taking bad beats and I'm playing pretty well also. These two hands illustrate the current state of things:

Dealt to APotIsAPot [ Qd, Jd ]
hammers2 folds.
goodmkk folds.
patrik14 folds.
asiabeauty raises (40) to 40
nadine13 folds.
APotIsAPot calls (40)
Pokerator___ folds.
DaringDuck folds.
Cchase89 calls (20)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ Tc, Kd, 7d ]
Cchase89 bets (70)
asiabeauty calls (70)
APotIsAPot raises (215) to 215
Cchase89 raises (290) to 36
0asiabeauty folds.
APotIsAPot calls (145)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Ad ]
Cchase89 checks.
APotIsAPot bets (656)
Cchase89 calls (656)
** Dealing River ** : [ 5d ]
Cchase89 checks.
APotIsAPot bets (400)
Cchase89 calls (400)
** Summary **
Main Pot: $3029
Board: [ Tc Kd 7d Ad 5d ]
Cchase89 balance $1250, lost $1456 [ Ks Qs ]

Dealt to APotIsAPot [ Jh, Jd ]
Pokerator___ folds.
APotIsAPot calls (20)
s365764043 folds.
athorn10 calls (20)
HotNikkels folds.
toolittle111 calls (20)
redhotfast folds.
KINEEKEEYS calls (10)
Cousinbrucee checks.
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 9d, Js, 5c ]
Cousinbrucee checks.
APotIsAPot bets (70)
athorn10 calls (70)
toolittle111 folds.
Cousinbrucee folds.
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 2c ]
APotIsAPot checks.
athorn10 checks.
** Dealing River ** : [ 6c ]
APotIsAPot checks.
athorn10 bets (200)
APotIsAPot calls (200)
** Summary **
Main Pot: $637
Board: [ 9d Js 5c 2c 6c ]
athorn10 balance $2625, bet $290, collected $637, net +$347 [ 8d 7d ] [ a straight, five to nine -- 9d,8d,7d,6c,5c ]

I made my first ever royal flush this afternoon for a smallish pot.


This afternoon: +6875

Year to date: +37686

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

February Top 15

15. Chad & Jeremy - A Summer Song
14. Gin Blossoms - Allison Road
13. Wolf Parade - Shine a Light
12. Presidents of the United States of America - Naked and Famous
11. Electric President - Insomnia
10. Coldplay - Talk
9. Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen
8. Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To
7. Donovan Frankenreiter featuring Jack Johnson - Free

6. KT Tunstall - Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
5. Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away
4. Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight
3. INXS - Pretty Vegas
2. Wolf Parade - I'll Believe in Anything
Song of the Month: Van Morrison - Stranded


I was on pace to win my first MTT on Monday night but had to settle for 5th in a 99 player $33 on Party.

Monday night: -10
Tuesday night: +4995

Year to date: +30811